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    Automatic heat-seal outer envelope machine for pyramid tea bags.

    Unique features

    • Excellent packing and sealing quality;
    • Easy set-up and operation;
    • Can be connected to any pyramid tea bag machine.

    Tecpacking, China
    50- max. 60 bags/min.
    Control / screen type
    Mitsubishi PLC with touch screen
    Bag type
    3-side heat seal rectangular bag
    Material width
    Standard 180mm
    Bag size (base on 180 mm reel width)
    90x90mm (adjustable within machine range)
    Packing materials to be used
    Heat sealable packing materials, such as PE/PP, PE/Al etc.), Innovia Natureflex 45NVR, PLA
    Bags to be packed
    Pyramid tea bags
    Power connection
    3 phase 380-400V/50hz/3.5kW/3x16A
    Air connection
    Dry and oil-free air, 6 bar
    Machine dimensions
    3000 (L) x 1000 (W) x 1700 (H)
    Machine weight
    Appr. 850kg
    Spare parts&tools
    For 1 year included